A.I. Truth or Fiction

By: WJ Diggins

Let’s start to take this A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) thing seriously! Have you really looked around your home, car, job, and your cell phone and realized that they are becoming smarter than you? Cars can park themselves, brake, and stay in their lanes, even drive without you! TVs are now capable of connecting to the internet and updating without your input. What about Google Assistant, Amazon Echo, and all the other devices that give you information on demand. There are robots that are more human like than ever before. Computers can do any and everything that you can, and haven’t yet imagined.

At what point do these computers decide that they can make better decisions than you! What happens If the computer decides that a country is becoming a high risk and decides to eliminate them by nuclear bomb. Don’t laugh, we are closer than you think. Sooner than later there will be a computer capable of deciding for you and you may not agree with its decision, but it determines the decision is better than yours, therefore contradicting your input.

A computer that is intelligent enough can control everything that you drive and have in your home, and we are allowing it to happen with no rules or regulations. Elon Musk came out with another artificial intelligence warning on Monday. Per news sources Musk The SpaceX and Tesla CEO suggested that AI could be the cause of a third world war. Vladimir Putin has said the nation that leads the A.I. race will rule the world. They are not far off with their predictions, and if you wonder why you don’t hear much coming out of the US or China, they are the current leaders in Artificial Intelligence. Most countries not far behind at this point and gaining ground every day.

Robotics is something that most people never think about, and don’t realize the advancements that have been made over the last decade alone. We need to pay more attention to what is going on around us and make sure that we are aware of how the advancements in technology affect us today and in the future!

Now let’s get serious about your future! In my opinion, the best fields of study today are in Robotics, Computer Technology, and Science. These jobs are high paying and will give you the inside track on the future of A.I.

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