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I discovered that the best way to become a Successful Online Business owner was to duplicate the tried and true methods used by the most successful people with online businesses. During years of research, trial, error, and varying success from previous online ventures, I finally decided to put my new found knowledge to work on my own Online Businesses. Like most Online Business Owners, I have several websites and businesses.

WorldSubmits.com is my Website Design Company, which gives me the luxury of creating my own Online Businesses as well as many businesses for my customers. WillieDiggins.com was created to help others decide on the best online business for their needs. You can have as many websites as you have the time to manage, but remember that it takes a lot of time, money,  and hard work to get them to pay off. I would like to help you get started in your own Online Business by offering you some of the information that I found helpful.


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