As an Entrepreneur, I speak with many people weekly about Work From Home Business opportunities. Most of the get rich quick programs just don’t work. I research most of the opportunities that I come across if it looks like something I may be interested in or may refer to friends. There are several factors that I consider when researching an Online Business, and the most important is ROI (Return on Investment).  Most of the companies require an investment, monthly fees, and autoship of products that you will never sell.

Well while speaking to a friend who is a fitness trainer, he mentioned some new health products that he was adding to his website. We spoke in that past about health products and he was more excited about this new company I am at the point in my life where I purchase supplements for my own health, and decided to look at his website which the company provides. I was blown away by what I saw, these health products where just what I was looking for and all on one website.

I wanted to know how much my friend paid to get started in this business, and was astounded by what he said next. I was told that there was no upfront cost, no monthly cost, no minimum sales quotas, no autoship of products, a free website, and 35% commissions on what you personally sale. I signed up immediately and purchased the products that I wanted for my family. offers a person an opportunity to start a Work From Home Business with no upfront cost, and products that are vital for healthy living. AquaLyte is my favorite product, and offers the same minerals found in the coral waters of Okinawa. These minerals are helpful in ridding the body of toxins, and also helps to support your body’s proper pH balance. AquaLyte comes in tea bag like sachets and in packs of 30, which is enough for 15 gallons of water. has many other products that you and your family would use on a daily basis, and at a price that you can afford, but that is not the only advantage. There is a Referral Plan that allows you to refer friends and family to the business and earn commissions on what they sell or purchase.

How can you go wrong when you have an Online Business with no cost, and the potential to make a substantial income from selling products that everyone needs?

Written by: Willie Diggins

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