Business Opportunity and MLM Lead Generating

Business Opportunity and MLM Lead Generating; by WDigigns

After speaking with a friend today who is active in Network Marketing and discussing the common issues in his line of business. I told him that I have a lead generating system that I use for my businesses which has generated 56 Business Opportunity Leads for me in the last 2 weeks. I have got 13 of those leads to sign up for my services without 1 phone call. I am so busy that I have not had time to call them and I’m sure I could convert more of these leads into customers with phone follow up.

I create Lead Generating Landing Pages for my Website Design Customers and myself. I asked my customers what the hardest part was of Making Money Online or in MLM.

These were the top issues that I found.

  1. Generating Qualified Leads on a consistent basis.
  2. Following up with and closing sale
  3. Training Downline (MLM)
  4. How to market on Facebook
  5. Working with Email List and Autoresponders
  6. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

This will solve your problem with Generating Qualified Leads on a consistent basis.

I have found a solution to all these issues through various sources, based on trial and error over many years.

After working for several Network Marketing and MLM companies, I always found the company websites and landing pages to be lacking in many areas and not very good at generating leads or capturing leads. You must get your customer to go to the company page that thousands of other Reps are sending customers too also. They don’t usually work very well if at all. Building Websites, Blogs, Landing Pages, and my Online Marketing experience has made me fortunate enough to understand the issues and offer a solution to the problem.

You must have a Custom Landing Page that is Search Engine Optimized to generate organic leads as well as convert leads that you refer for your personal landing page. You also need an autoresponder to thank your leads for signing up and to let them know that you will follow up with them regarding your opportunity. This landing page will allow you to send Targeted Traffic to your page from Solo Ads, Google Ads, Bing Ads, as well as Organic Targeted Traffic.

If you are competent enough to build your own landing pages, there are companies that offer the tools necessary to design your own Landing Pages, Capture Pages, and Autoresponders. I                use The Conversion Pros which makes it easy to set up these pages for my customers.

If you are not comfortable designing the pages yourself, you can opt for a Website Design Company that can set these pages up for you. is more that capable for designing  your Website or Landing Pages for you at very reasonable cost.

This will solve your problem with Following up with and closing leads.

If your Landing or Capture Page is designed properly, your leads will be expecting a call back from you based on your Auto Responder Message. This will make it easier to close leads.

This will solve your problem with Training Downline (MLM).

Training your Downline to repeat your efforts DEPENDS ON YOUR EFFORTS! If you think outside the box and use the tools that are available to you that others in your line of business don’t take the time to learn, you and your Downline will become extremely successful. Your people will be able to train their people to do the same and you all will reap the rewards of your efforts.

This will solve your problem with How to Market on Facebook.

Facebook has many ways to market available. You can buy Facebook Ads, you can post your opportunity in your timeline, you can instant message your friends, and you can join Facebook Groups and market there.

You must be careful not to spam and to only contact people you know or in groups that you have joined.

Your Ad must contain very good content and catch your intended audience attention. I recommend 3 to 4 short lines with a link to your URL, and an image. You can use this same ad in different groups or change it up to avoid looking like spam.

This will solve your problem with Working with Email List and Autoresponders.

Once you have created a Capture Page and generate leads, you will have to make sure that your Autoresponder has the right content to let your customers know that you appreciate them signing up on you page and to expect your follow up call. You will need a way to track your leads and this can be done with various tracking tools. The Conversion Pros offer tools that will assist in tracking leads as well as all the other tools you will need for working with your email list.

You will have to contact people from your list with follow up emails and other offers to keep them comfortable with opening your emails.

This will resolve your problem with SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

After you have taken the time to build a Landing Page, Capture Page, or even a Website for your business, people will have to be able to find it. You can only send people to your page that you know, refer, purchased leads, or use SEO (Search Engine Optimization). My suggestion is to use all methods. SEO takes time but will outlast all the other methods. SEO if done properly will generate leads for years to come. You can hire a SEO Firm to do the work for you or there are features designed in the programs used for generating these pages. Take time to research keywords and descriptions of your competitors to assist in a good SEO strategy.

In closing I hope that you will find this information useful and be able to apply it to your Online Business.

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