Five Best Work from Home Online Jobs That Pay Well

Five Best Work from Home Online Jobs That Pay Well


Working from home has grown to become an industry of its own over the past decade and a half. According to a study done in 2017 by Global Workplace Analytics, the number of people who work remotely at least for half of the time grew by 115 per cent from 1.8 million in 2005 to 3.9 million in 2017. That is exponential growth, and the number has kept increasing.

The popularity of online jobs has mostly been fueled by the convenience they offer, relatively easy entry levels and a high potential for growth as well as the excellent pay. On the other hand, employers too are preferring outsourcing many of their functions and needs, to freelancers thanks to savings they make of labor cost and other resources. The same study found that employers save about $11,000 for every individual who normally works from home at least half of his/her time. If the high demand, convenience, and rewards has got you thinking about work from home options, here are some you should consider.


1. Virtual Assistant

Working as a virtual assistant is one of the most rewarding and also broad ways you can make money online. The title covers a lot of things as virtual assistant offer support and services ranging from administrative, creative or technical across all industries. Pick areas you are skilled at and either join a firm or start your own company covering a range of subjects. The pay ranges from $25,000 to $75,000 annually.


2. Web Designer/Developer

Web developers and designers are responsible for creating the look and function of a website as well as maintaining it and customizing to its purpose. Thanks to a boom in e-commerce, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the field will grow by 15 %. The median annual pay is $67,990.


3. Graphic Designer

Unlike the web designer, the graphic designer is not limited to websites and commercial platforms. Developing skills in this area rewards greatly since the range of clients looking for logos, brochures, T-Shirts, advertisements and much more. The median annual pay is at $48, 700.


4. Content Writer/Editor

Content writing and editing have been one of the earliest forms of online jobs as many companies and individuals needed copy for their blogs and business content both online and offline. The demand has kept on rising resulting in lucrative earnings for good writers. Median annual pay is about $61,820


5. Teacher or Tutor

Much of the learning nowadays takes place online. Whether it is a new language, DIY skill or professional course, many platforms and individuals are looking for teachers and tutors. Some states have also made it possible for children in public schools to learn online. You can join any of the schools and course platforms or create your own and seek clients from different freelance platforms. You can also go ahead and do your own advertising etc. Median pay depends on the subjects, level, and workload and goes from $50,000 to $80,000. Search for Tutors on Wyzant!

Making money online can be the break you need to achieve work and family balance or break your reliance on a salary as well as chase your entrepreneurial dream. Pick what you love and do not shy off