The Reason and Benefits of Using Hashtags in Social Media

The Reason and Benefits of Using Hashtags in Social Media written by: Mr.Write
The hashtag also known as the pound sign is currently ranked as one of the best marketing strategy in the social media arena. It was in the old days that this rare and tiny symbol was hardly noticeable within statements when it was used by mIRC to categorize items; and today the hashtag is an effective approach in online communication – particularly social media. Starting from twitter, the hashtag family continues to grow by day with networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, Vine, Instagram and Google+ making it possible for aggressive marketers to go “wild” their brand.
What are the benefits of hashtags to any brand or business?
Increase your brand awareness
The power of social media is key when it comes to advertising. This is an approach that relies on how well you can use content to create engagement as well as conversation between the business and the target market. Once this is done, greater brand awareness will be achieved which will in turn boost your returns. A practical example for this is RedBull’s #giveyouwings which was significant in generating brand awareness for the company becoming very popular with both the current and the targeted consumers.
Increase your brand loyalty
During the 40th anniversary of People Magazine, the company opted to “go hashtag” by promoting the brand through an instagram video. The campaign produced greater engagement generating over 2000 likes within minutes. Hashtags provide greater insights about your product or service to ensure that current customers remain loyal to the brand. Let the customers know about the company’s history as well as what you plan to bring in the package that is unique to what you had before. This will in turn raise the loyalty bar and this would be a definite plus to any business.
Help build relationships
One of the greater benefits of hashtags is the fact that the updates have the effort to provide top management including business owners with insights on target market conversations and also the needs. This happens when you click on a hashtag link related to your brand and get connected to be able to interact and share with the target audience. It is a rare but sufficient approach to increase your online presence to help you build relationships that ensure the target audience becomes actual customers.
What you do I need to know about “hashtagging”?
Although they look easy to read and write, there are rules to be followed for effective writing of these tags. The hashtag must be simple for it to be memorable because users have a tendency of going for easy-to-remember hashtags. To be consistent with the social marketing strategy, the hashtag must be unique and related to the brand in question. This will help you or the business to not only engage with the followers but also be able to track the success of the company.
Digital marketing has today been incorporated in many successful brands. The strategy has so far proven to be king in effective and agile marketing generating mutual interaction and engagement within the diverse social media platform.

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